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AR10 Custom 7.62 NATO

AR10's are the new up and coming gun to have. The 7.62 NATO (.308 Winchester) is a great all around cartridge. Many deer have gone to the freezer with this round. Let Tango Outdoor Gear build you an AR10 to YOUR specifications. Don't get some off the shelf that you have to turn around a spend a bunch of money on to get it to what you...

Remington Keene

We have a Remington Sporting Keene in 45-70 cal. with a 24.5" barrel. This is an American Classic. Only 5000 of these guns were made between 1880 and 1888. This gun is in great shape for being over 120 years old. It has the original cleaning rod still in the buttstock. Serious buyers call or email if you would like more pictures or further information.

AR15 Montana Critter Gitter - ORDER YOUR CUSTOM AR

You can order a custom AR15 the way you want it from Tango Outdoor Gear. Check out this Montana made AR. It uses as many Montana made products as possible. This AR has only top of the line parts. The gun weight is very light, nimble and easy to carry. Perfect gun for taking care of predators. The list of top quality parts are. * Tango...

Savage 1899 303 Savage

This 1899 Savage dates back to 1905. It has seen better days, but you would be hard to find a gun with more character. If this gun could talk you would be up all night listening to it. It has had it's buttstock cut for a smaller person. 26" Barrel 303 Savage Redfield rear sight to much character to mention Bore looks good.