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AR10 Custom 7.62 NATO

AR10's are the new up and coming gun to have. The 7.62 NATO (.308 Winchester) is a great all around cartridge. Many deer have gone to the freezer with this round. Let Tango Outdoor Gear build you an AR10 to YOUR specifications. Don't get some off the shelf that you have to turn around a spend a bunch of money on to get it to what you...

AR15 Muzzle Break

AR15 Muzzle Break – Tango’s AR15 Muzzle Break is designed for the person who wants the barrel of their AR to look sleek and smooth. Tango Outdoor Gear’s Muzzle Break does not require the ugly crush washer that other breaks do. Our Muzzle Break does hide the flash and does reduce recoil and muzzle jump without being big ugly and obtrusive. It also does not throw all the...

AR15 Neoprene Cover Wrap

AR15 Wrap – The AR15 Wrap is designed to protect the vitals of your AR15 while you’re not shooting - which is the majority of the day for most of us. It helps keep dirt, snow, rain, and unwanted debris out of the magazine well, bolt and chamber area, and your trigger. If you ride an ATV, horseback, snowmobile, or in a dusty old truck to get to your...

AR15 Graphite AR forearm

AR15 Carbon Fiber Forearms - Tango Outdoor Gear’s Carbon Fiber AR15 forearm is designed for the practical shooter. It was conceived from a couple of Tango Outdoor Gear’s Hunt Team while varmint hunting “Rock Dogs” using their AR15’s on a hot summer day. In the heat of battle (with the rock chucks) the barrels of their AR15’s were getting too hot. While contemplating this, we decided we...

AR15 Forearm Shims

AR15 Barrel Nut Shims – Tango Outdoor Gear’s Barrel Nut Shim are a great compliment to our (or any) AR15 forearm. If your forearm doesn’t have the ability to “time” the position of the forearm in relationship to the gun, or shim will give you this capability. This .005” stainless steel shim fit between the barrel nut and upper receiver to allow the user to adjust the relationship between...

AR15 Gas Block - Low Profile

AR15 Low Profile Gas Block – This gas block has been designed to give the shooter the strength of a steel gas block with the weight of an aluminum one. Available in .750" and .936" diameters. Black Oxide Finish

AR15 Montana Critter Gitter - ORDER YOUR CUSTOM AR

You can order a custom AR15 the way you want it from Tango Outdoor Gear. Check out this Montana made AR. It uses as many Montana made products as possible. This AR has only top of the line parts. The gun weight is very light, nimble and easy to carry. Perfect gun for taking care of predators. The list of top quality parts are. * Tango...

AR15 Magazine

This is a new composite 20 round AR15 magazine

Timney AR15 4 lb small pin Trigger

This is quit possibly the best AR trigger on the market. It can be installed in minutes by anyone familier with the AR trigger system. This trigger has a crisp 4lb trigger pull.