Tango Outdoor Gear is an Authorized Vortex Optics dealer. Let us handle your optics needsNew Archery Products (NAP) has been making some of the best broadheads on the market for over 20 years. The new Bloodrunner broadhead changed the game for everyone. It flies with dart like accuracy, then upon impact the blades expand out to a monsterous cutting diameter. It ALWAYS cuts. Check out the Bloodrunner, you wont be disssapointed.Limbsaver makes some of the best products of the market for rifle and archery hunting. Tango Outdoor Gear sponsored hunters all use Limbsaver equipment. Product That Work.Archery Xtreme has come upon the archery industry like a class 5 hurricane. The new carbon fiber sights, and quiver are the lightest and most innovative on the market.Jim Kinsey has and is making some of the most innovative outdoor shows on T.V. If you are looking for high quality filming/production work give Jim a call.Jana Waller makes some amazing painted and beaded skulls. If you want your trophy to stand out talk with Jana.Want to expand your predator hunting skills? Give these guys a look. They are accomplished predator huntersCitizens for Balanced Use is a pro-active group in southwest Montana who battle everyday for private property right and keeping public lands open to multiple use. So if you own land or like to recreate in multiple use area's get informed of what's happening in Montana.Looking for the best Mountain snowmobile money can buy? Look no further then Crazy MTN Xtreme. They have proven time and again they are the lightest, most agile, and highest marking sled on the snow.Itcha Mountain is a top notch outfitter in B.C. If your looking for a trophy Moose, Bear, Wolf, or Couger give Stewart a call. I have personnaly hunted with them and give them an A+.
Bull Elk
Silhouette of a bull Elk taken near Tango Outdoor Gear's headquarters in beautiful south-western Montana.