About Us

Tango Outdoor Gear was developed from the concept of making and selling the best equipment for the more discerning outdoor enthusiast. Our mission is to specialize in equipment where quality is never compromised. We at Tango Outdoor Gear look at things from a different view point: we ask ourselves “what would make this easier, better, and more enjoyable.” With that in mind we develop our products to our own high standards of quality and practicality. We don't believe in "gimmicks" and we don't jump on trendy band wagons. The products we produce and sell are designed with precision to fulfill a need, the need to make your outing easier, better, and most of all, more enjoyable. So don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to share your adventure.


All Tango Outdoor Gear products come with a lifetime warranty against manufactures defects. Any alteration or unintended use of the product voids all warranties. All warranty returns must be pre-authorized by Tango Outdoor Gear, LLC with a return authorization number clearly displayed on the packaging. Repair or replacement of the item is entirely up to Tango Outdoor Gear, LLC. Read all instructions and warning labels before using any Tango Outdoor Gear product. If you don't fully understand them contact Tango Outdoor Gear directly with your questions.


Broad Heads are extremely sharp and can cause personal injury if not used correctly. Always store broad heads away from children when not in use. When hunting always keep broad heads under the protection of the quiver until ready to use. All Tango Outdoor Gear broad heads are intended for use on legal wild game animals only. If you have any questions or concerns about your intended use or method of use, visit a competent archery shop or contact Tango Outdoor Gear, LLC.
Bull Elk
When the shot of a lifetime presents itself, make sure you're using the very best quality equipment. This picture of a bull elk was taken in Gallatin National Forest in South-western Montana.